5 tricks to survive on little sleep...

I pulled a 14 hour workday yesterday, and the day before that was the same, the lead up to the launch of our Hales Golfwear collection is an exciting time and frankly who has time to sleep when there's so much to do!  (Read A Day in the Life of a Fashion Entrepreneur)

I'm sure most entrepreneurs will testify that in the beginning sleep is something you wish you could have more of, like a fabulous vacation in Barbados or a never-ending white chocolate and pistachio fountain, but don't actually get, at least not yet anyway. 

Luckily there are 5 tricks I've learnt that enable me to survive on little or no sleep.

Super Foods

Avocado Smoothie

These are a must! Juice your avocados, spirulina, spinach, greens, whatever you can get your hands on that is fresh and bursting with green vitality and goodness. Sip throughout the morning, day or business meeting for consistent energy. Read my post on How to Eat for your Best Body.


You gotta stay hydrated, no matter what. I carry a 500ml bottle of Evian in my bag at all times. Not drinking enough water will make you feel drained, lacking in focus and also contribute to dry eyes and lack-lustre skin.

Healthy Snacks

Organic Raw Chocolate Goodies

These shouldn't be high in sugar as that will give you a fake boost, you'll feel great for all of twenty minutes and then you'll come crashing down. Hard. Not worth it. Try keeping a bag of almonds or raw chocolate coated raisins in your bag for a quick and refreshing snack.


Photo Credit: KimberleyHasselbrink.com

Try using grapefruit or citrus products, they naturally energize and uplift the spirits. Squeeze lemons and orange in your water for a simple boost.

Power Nap

Take a time out for 30-45 minutes if you can, smaller naps work just as well. Close your eyes, focus on your deep breathing, release the tension in your body and let yourself let go for a few minutes. Don't forget to switch off your phone!

If like me you love to squeeze everything you can into your day then try these tips!

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  1. Great tips, I hadn't thought about citrus, I'm going to give that a go! Xx


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