Size isn't everything, it's what you do with it that counts

Slovenia. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. ♥

It's happened. We are here. We made the BIG move. We packed up everything we owned (and some stuff we didn't) and drove 16 hours across Europe to our new home.

Size isn't everything. It's what you do with it that counts. 

The Slovenian coastline measures less than 50 kilometers. That's 30(ish) miles. They may be lacking in quantity, but Slovenes certainly make up for this in quality. This stretch of land is exquisite. From Portoroz to Piran, Izola to Koper. Each town is individual with their own distinct character and feel. I've travelled to many places near and far, it would be a crime not to, as the world is glittered with so many treasures for us to explore

But when I saw Piran, my heart did a little skip.

Piran, Slovenia

It's scary, exciting, nerve-wracking, emotional, dizzying and super challenging, this roller coaster adventure we are on. Moving to Slovenia, I left behind friends, family and my comfort zone. 

We moved for love. We moved for a better lifestyle, one that suited our dreams and aspirations. We could really live here, not just exist to work and pay the rent, we could be free of the chains that bind so many of us. We could explore each other, and this enchanting, undiscovered (though surely not for long) jewel of Europe. 

Enjoying the View in Piran, Slovenia

Slovenia sits nestled between Italy to the east, Austria in the north and Croatia to the south. Often mistaken for being in 'Eastern Europe' or Slovakia, this relatively small country (at 2 million) doesn't mind not being known and I'm pretty sure the locals want to keep it that way. 

You can look across the bay on a clear sunny day (did I mention that the weather here is purrrfect?) and see Slovenia's neighbour Croatia in the distance.When Yugoslavia broke up in the nineties, the land was divided, with Croatia taking the bumper share of coastline. Since then there's been some contention as to who should have got what and its still going on (it's kinda like a really messy divorce).

Having lived in big cities most of my life, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, moving to Slovenia is quite literally a breath of fresh air, you can so easily get lost in its beauty. From the 'picture perfect' Piran (influenced by Venice) with its winding narrow streets and captivating charm, to the lush valleys of Logarska Dolina, and the majestic Alpine peaks that sit so proudly above this green paradise. I'm so excited to explore this land with the one I love.

I have fallen hard for this small slice of heaven on earth, and even though I underestimated how much I would struggle with the language (Slovenian isn't the easiest to learn but most people speak English thankfully) or how much I would miss my spoken tongue, it's totally worth it.  

Now I understand when they say the best things come in small packages. ❤

Me and my Boyfriend in Portoroz, Slovenia

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All photography is by Matic Zupanc @radzup


  1. That is an absolutely awesome view. You're so lucky! Makes me wanna go on another vacation soon!

    Paulo Paradox |

  2. Thanks you Paulo, I do feel very lucky! You should absolutely,explore the world while we can:)


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