It started with a sketch...

and an idea, to create a sportswear label for women who golf, clothing that was stylish, feminine, functional and performance ready. Fusing fashion & function.  
For women who didn't want to sacrifice style for their game, for women that wanted to look their best and play their best.

Why? Because I was bored and dissatisfied with what else was on offer, after visiting numerous golf clubs and golfwear stockists, I was shocked to find that the majority of golf clubs stocked little if any women’s golfwear, a frankly disappointing fact. That plus the clothing that was on offer, just wasn’t cutting it.

Have you noticed how good you feel when you’re wearing your favourite shirt, maybe its your lucky pants, or a certain colour that makes you feel confident enough to give life your A game? That’s the power of fashion, when you use colour, texture and design to create something extraordinary, we all know it when we see it, and we want it.

We want luxury fabrics (at affordable prices) that feel amazing against our skin, in vibrant colours and flattering on-trend designs. We want a great fit, we want to stand out from the rest and if we’re honest we want to totally slam-dunk the competition.

Be bold, sexy, fearless, get ready to drop your A game.

Hales Golfwear has arrived.