Love, an Italian Adventure

When my best friend told me he was getting married in Rome, I squealed with delight. Yay my best friend was getting married, in quite possibly the most romantic city in Europe, I could combine my love of travel, fashion, pizza and get to see him wed!

I am so very proud of this guy. It's been a LONG time coming. We met 10 years ago on a Screen Acting course in London. I was fulfilling a creative urge of mine, I'd just moved back to the UK after living in Los Angeles and wanted to give acting a go. He was a Writer/Director who was curious about acting and wanted to see if learning the skill would add another dimension and perspective to his craft. We hit it off straight away and have been best friends ever since.

I match the flower arrangements!

I love any excuse to get glamourous. For this special occasion I wore a dress by Jolie Moi, shoes and bag by New Look in London, nails by Vionette Beauty Atelier, thumb ring my own, hair and make-up by me.

Me and my BF

Watching him stand waiting for his Italian bride to walk down the petal strewn aisle to join him, feels me with such joy and brings tears to my eyes. This man, who stands so confident and strong, wasn't always this way. Nope. Ten years ago he was a shy, bumbling mess with not much success when it came to women. To be trueful, I wasn't much different. We both had a lot to learn about life and love. 

He was guilty of hiding behind the page, as was I, we wrote about love but didn't live it, not fully. His work was full of fantastical creatures, from different worlds, but he couldn't grasp an ending, to bring the pieces together in a way that was organic and fulfilling.

Life does imitate art. If we cannot imagine or envision a happy ending, then of course there won't be one. What we think about, we bring about. But every once in a while a miracle happens. Someone sees through the mirage and sees you. They love you, even though you're flawed and full of insecurities. 

The happy couple!

He met her by chance. By fate. By accident. All are true. He says he knew straight away. Such a romantic and pure of heart. He is Pakistani. She is Italian. They are both beautiful, shining with their love. Watching their two families come together and akwardly initiate conversation, makes me smile, neither side speaks the others language, yet they all have one thing in common, they are here for this couple. To celebrate their love. 

I'm currently editing and co-writing one of his latest fiction works,  of course it's a love story, I'm a sucker for emotional warfare. I can't wait to share this work with the world, it's just what we need right now.  

Life is difficult enough. Without love its impossible. As I write this I'm aware that there has been another terrorist attack in London, my home city, and as the division between people grows, it feels me with acute sadness to witness these confusing and scary times. We need love and acceptance of our differences more than ever.

As the sun goes down and the candles are lit, the band plays and we all dance together hand in hand, and yes the evening dish is pizza.....heaven.

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