Fun At The Fair

Today I'm at The London Textile Fair, the biggest textile event in town! I'm here to get fabric inspiration for our next collection, meet fabric suppliers from all across the world and have some fun!

The London Textile Fair is the UK’s premier platform for fashion fabrics and clothing accessories, it provides fabric and textile manufacturers and their agents with the opportunity to showcase their products to the most influential buyers and designers on the UK fashion scene. AKA - me ;)

I love fabric stores, for me they're akin to being set loose in a candy store, with every variety of tantalising sweet confection on display. Imagine having over 100,000 sq feet of that!

My eyes feast on colorful jerseys and jacquards from Turkey and Portugal, I can wrap myself in sumptuous knits from Italy, I can touch, feel, smell and try as much as I like. For free. You don't get that in a candy store. 

Now not every fabric store is like this, I've visited some dire ones, where the rolls of fabric hang limply on dust covered shelves and attempting to find anything you want is like attempting an assault course at an advanced level, yep you gotta climb, crawl and bend your way to get that satin trim you so badly need.

The London Textile Fair isn't like that. Thank god. No it's a orderly, neat, huge affair, where you can network and mingle and have coffee while you peruse the latest and trendiest fabrics on offer. You might bump into Stella McCartney while you're there, or the Head Buyer at Topshop. Everyone who's anyone goes. 

I'm really excited as I've found something special, it feels divine aganist my skin and has me all goose bumpy thinking about what I'll get to design from it. I also fall in love with a super soft stretchy knit, perfect for the coming winter months, I'm looking forward to seeing that on my customers for sure.

Fab. Fab. Fab!

Next we shimmy off to effortlessly cool and super urbanite Hackney. Paloma Faith has a home here, Leona Lewis grew up here, Lord Alan Sugar, Michael Fassbender, they've all called Hackney their home.

We are here to check out the new MORITO. I am practically drooling with high expectations. But I'll leave that for my next post! 

Have a fab weekend!!