Super Charge My Life

I've tried and tested pretty much everything in my search for consistent and balanced energy levels, slow release carbs, whole grains, B-vitamins, early morning workouts, vegetable juicing, quitting sugar, going dairy free, you get the picture. 

So here's what works. Try my top ten tips to super charge your energy levels to the max.

Super Protein Breakfast, Salmon, Eggs & Avocado

1. Go easy on the cocktails!

Sorry but alcohol affects the quality of your sleep. You may well pass out after a heavy night but you'll miss out on the quality REM sleep that your body needs, leaving you feeling lethargic when you wake.

2. Ditch the sugar

We all know the negative effects sugar can have on our bodies, but still we succumb. I tried a no-sugar diet and I experienced more energy, better skin, I felt happier and less prone to stress. Alas it didn't last long because as hard as I tried my chocolate craving won out. So now I'm trying a low-sugar diet, the benefits are the same they just take a tad longer to show up. So skip the sugar in your tea, go for sugar-free cereals, and if you must have chocolate then eat it in moderation.

3. Go nuts!

Almonds. Macadamias. Peanuts. Walnuts. Cashew. Keep a bag in your desk draw and sports bag for easy reach. Nuts have magnesium and calcium to boost energy levels.

4. Breakfast for Champions

Forget cereals, toast or fruit. Go for all out protein to stay super charged throughout the day. Try salmon and eggs, tuna or chicken with avocado. 

Stocking up on Vitamin D

5. Get some ZZZ's

Take a power nap for 20-45 minutes. Set an alarm so you don't sleep for too long and wake feeling groggy instead of refreshed.
6. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate

Sip 2-3 litres of filtered or bottled water a day. Remember the more active you are the more you need to drink.

7. Light up!

Get outside in the sunlight. Open a window, let the sun in. Sunshine makes us happier, kinder and gives us a natural energy boost. Remember to use sunscreen though, burnt skin is not cool.

8. Get green

(I was going to say something about Prof. Green but realized it may be highly inappropriate - but he's single now right?)I cannot say enough how these little green gems can transform your energy levels. Dark green veg is full of iron, B vitamins and calcium. Juice em, steam em, bake and boil em. Down as many as you can! Read more on how I use fruit and vegetables to get beautiful clear skin.

9.  Move your body

Physical activity improves your mood, helps you stay fit and can contribute to healthy hair and skin. When your hearts pumping this oxygenates your blood cells, so get moving.

Hales Golfwear Pleated Skort & Zip Back Polo S/S16

10. Get vibrant!

Did you know bright colors activate neurons in the brain which can help to recharge cells? Yep. So if you needed an excuse to wear fuchsia this summer then there it is. Wear our pleated skort and zip back polo (see above) for an extra competitive edge!

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