Have You Seen Us?

Today we were out and about in London to celebrate the lead up to the official launch of our website, halesgolfwear.com, and over the next few weeks we will be jet setting to 4 super hot golf destinations to promote our golf fashion brand! 

I love any excuse to travel, I've got a bit of an aeroplane obsession, this is embarressing to confess but I have been known to visit the airport (without a ticket) just to watch planes take off, dreaming of the far-flung destinations they might be flying to.

So now I get the opportunity to mix my love of golf fashion and travel, sharing Hales Golfwear with the world, and stocking up on airmiles to boot. Its a win win. 

Hales Golfwear in London S/S16

We're loving our organic 100% cotton Hales Golfwear bags, we've had such a huge positive reaction to our design. We're super grateful! I've seen them being used on the golf course, at the supermarket, the gym, whenever I take mine out I get hundreds of compliments, they get a LOT of attention. 

Hales Golfwear London S/S16

They're just a small taster of what's to come... 

We think strong, fit and confident women rock.  

Hales Golfwear celebrates and encourages the awesomeness of women. We create feminine, flattering, vibrant and stylish apparel that looks and feels amazing, and don't just take our word for it, over the coming weeks Hales Golfwear will be going global! (stay tuned to find out where we go next and what we do!) and keep an eye out as you might see us!