Well Why Not?

It seems everywhere you look these days a celebrity has turned fashion designer on us, and forgive me for saying it but I can’t help but be a little skeptical.... at first.

Remember when Spice Girl Victoria Beckham hinted that she wanted to start a fashion label? How we all thought hmmm what’s that gonna be like, mini skirts and stilettos like her Posh Spice persona? Then she went and stunned the world with her understated, minimalist and easily wearable womenswear collection, and now, nearly ten years later the Victoria Beckham brand is a successful global business with stores in London and Hong Kong.

Instagram: Victoria Beckham Opening Hong Kong Boutique
Now NBA player and mega athlete Russell Westbrook has joined the club, launching his new collection, a collaboration with True Religion, an American luxury denim brand. 

Russell Westbrook & True Religion S/S16

Russell Westbrook & True Religion S/S16

Russell Westbrook & True Religion S/S16

Self-confessed fashion lover Westbrook was named Creative Director of True Religion in February 2015, and has featured in their commercials and marketing campaigns with his slogan ‘Why Not?’ His 15 piece capsule collection features denim, tees, tanks and a leather jacket, each piece can be worn separate or layered together. Westbrook has played safe with his easy, laid back style compared with the more Gothic inspired look of Rihanna’s first fashion line.

Fenty Puma by Rihanna A/W 2016-17

Fenty Puma by Rihanna debuted at New York Fashion Week last month. There were thigh high boots, cropped hoodies and lots of attitude. It was Rihanna all over. And that's the point. Fashion allows us to make statements, to express our individuality or not.  

What we choose to wear and how we wear it says a lot about who we are. We can reinvent ourselves through fashion, like Victoria Beckham, shedding her Posh Spice persona to become an sophisticated Fashionista. We can let our style speak for us and let it speak volumes. 

Fashion is

Whatever you want it to be. 

So yes I'm always skeptical at first when celebrities unveil fashion collections but then I think well, why not?