Paying Attention to a Woman's need to be Stylish, Confident and One of a Kind

Sportswear brand Adidas has teamed up with Nicola Winhoffer, fitness artist and former trainer to celebrities including Madonna and Stella McCartney, to create their exclusive subscription service for women, Avenue A.

Adidas Avenue A 2016

The contents of Avenue A boxes are being kept secret, but are likely to include a mix of footwear, apparel and accessories. All by Adidas. Boxes will be shipped quarterly and will cost $150 per box. This subscription service is likely to increase the brands business, if they get it right. 

It's all about the content.

I do like a good surprise. Wrap that up with stylish sportswear, sent directly to my door and you are on to a winner.  

Subscription services are uber popular right now and its easy to see why. They cater to hundreds of thousands of consumers that want an alternative to regular shopping, those that want a personalized shopping service, with the ease and accessibility of online shopping. 

Birchbox Online Beauty Subscription Service 2016

I love online shopping, being able to see the full collection at a click of my mouse, all the colors and styles, never a wrinkled or lipstick stained shirt because someone else tried it on before me, never a messy clothes rail or having to hunt to find your size. It's all there right in front of you, while you sit at home on the sofa. Glorious.

Online shopping is clean, fast, fun and guilt free, after all it's not proper shopping is it?

Fashion subscription-based services take it to the next level, they handpick clothes for you, based on your agreed style preferences and deliver them to your home or office. You get to decide at your leisure what you wish to keep and what to send back. Sounds pretty good right?

Subscription services are a growing trend both in the UK and USA, look at Enclothed, a bespoke menswear service based in London, providing men with a hassle free shopping experience, simply fill out a short style profile and your personal stylist goes to work, handpicking a selection of pieces which are shipped to your door free of charge.

Its not just fashion either, Birchbox, a New York City-based online beauty subscription service delivers 5 luxury beauty products to their subscribers every month. Fragrance, skincare, make-up, the exciting part is that you don't know what treat you have till you open the box. Birchbox is currently valued at $485 million, which is not bad for a start-up company that launched in 2010, which shows just how lucrative and popular the subscription services market is.

Subscription services tap into a need, we are busy people, holding down jobs, careers, families, social lives, often there is no time to take care of ourselves, so if a subscription service can provide us with what we want, when we want it, without us having to add anything extra to our daily to-do-list, then they certainly get my thumbs up.

Imagine having a selection of golf apparel chosen specifically for you, styles that suit your shape, colors that flatter your complexion, with matching accessories, color accented hats, gloves and shoes, freeing up your time to do what you love, play more golf. With a golf fashion subscription service all that could be possible. And more. 

Hales Golfwear Spring/Summer 2016

It's the future of shopping I'm sure of it.
What do you think? Would you choose a subscription service? Would love to read your comments!