Monday, 21 November 2016

Why I Love This Game

We've met some awesome women golfers, women of different ages, races, backgrounds and handicaps, these women all have one thing in common, their love for golf!  

We love hearing why and how women get into golf. One woman we met was introduced to her future husband by her golfing Grandma at her local golf course. Her Grandma still plays and she's 81 years old! The reasons why women get into golf are many, they stay for their love of the game and what it brings to their lives.

We wanted to share their stories with you, so we reached out and asked them if we could. This is a collage of videos made by women golfers, it's raw, simply edited and real. It's honest. 

Why I Love This Game by Hales Golfwear from Tanya Hales on Vimeo.

Meet the girls!


Tjasa, 26, has won the national golf championship in Slovenia 3 times. She loves the game, and met her husband whilst playing! Some of her best friends are also golfers, for Tjasa the sport holds a special place in her heart and she encourages young women to get into the game. For Tjasa, it gave her independence and confidence. She thrives on the challenging sport.

Me and Tjasa at Celje Golf Range, Slovenia


Jean, 63, started playing after taking early retirement from work 15 years ago. Since then she has won over 20 trophies and medals for Longest Drive, Nearest The Pin and Best Player. Her handicap is 22. She regularly travels around the world to play the game, making friends and playing partners everywhere she goes, Spain, Portugal, Arizona, Los Angeles, Lanzarote, this woman is competitive and enjoys winning, its also great exercise and the 4-5 hours spent on the green helps to keep her fit and looking amazing. (You would never guess her age!)

Jean McKenzie playing in Hales Golfwear


Zoey is 13 years old and has been playing for 4 years. She's a Junior Golf Tournament Player and building quite a stash of trophies from all her wins! Her handicap is 6.3. She got into the game so she could beat her dad and fell in love with the sport. Zoey inspires young girls to start playing. She also plays off the men's tees. (I love that!) You can follow her journey here @zoeyiglesiasgolf

Zoey Iglesias Junior Golf Player


Sagee is preparing to go Pro. With a handicap of 7, and a love of the game that clearly shows, this girl never stops smiling! Sagee has been playing for 11 years, winning herself a scholarship to Sacramento State University in the US. She recently took part in a charity golf tournament for Veterans Day with Women With Drive, a golf community for women, helping to inspire and grow the game. You can follow her jouney here @gmoneygolf

Sagee Palavivatana

Golf really is for everyone, whether you're 10 years old or 70! Your background, race or ability doesn't matter, what matters is your love of the game and that's why we love it!

We want Women Golfers Everywhere to get involved! 

Share your Instagram pics and video saying why you love this game #whyilovethisgame tag us @halesgolfwear #halesgolfwear and we'll repost it too! If you're posting on Facebook then don't forget to tag us @halesgolfwear so we can repost on our FB page.

Till next time xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pins and Needles

I recently had acupuncture for the first time. 

I had been overworking, over-thinking, over-stressing and it was starting to affect my sleep, my health and my moods. My GP would have prescribed anti-anxiety medication, so rather than go down that path I decided to go alternative. 

I am not alone. More people are turning to Alternative Therapy to boost their performance, treat stress, alleviate pain, treat sports injuries and even for weight-loss.

Chinese Medicine Therapy Acupuncture Health and Well Being Sports Injuries
Chinese Medicine Therapy Acupuncture For Health and Well Being

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English golfer Ian Poulter uses acupuncture to aid recovery after his game. One of the most common ailments golfers experience is Golfer's Elbow, an often quite painful inflammation of the elbow, conventional medicine would normally include steroid injections in the affected area or pain medication, whereas Chinese Medicine seeks to restore the imbalances in the body to regain optimum health.

Acupuncture is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese Medicine, where needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes.

I wasn’t a complete novice when it came to Chinese Medicine. I knew about cupping, I'd seen those strange red circles all over the Olympian athletes bodies in Rio. Cupping is where hot suction cups are applied to the skin for several minutes which draws blood from the body. This therapy is thought to speed up muscular and soft tissue recovery after injury and strain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Sports Athletes Alternative Therapy Health
Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy Cupping used by Athletes to Boost Performance

I’d also had Chinese massage before, ouch, it’s a whole lot of painful but it did ease my muscle tension and get rid of those knots created by too much time sat at my computer. So I wasn't going in totally bind but still I was a bit nervous, I was about to get needles stuck in my body....(okay so technically they're more like pins.)

The older and fairly serene Chinese man checked out my tongue, this felt strangely intimate, I was quite shy about showing my tongue. How funny that in Aboriginal culture showing the tongue is seen as an aggressive and defiant gesture. He also checked my pulse. Apparently my pulse showed that I was yin deficient. He could tell that I was anxious and analyzed everything to death, that I wasn’t sleeping and that I was tense and irritated. Yep Yep and Yep. 

Sometimes it's hard for me to switch off, my mind is always going 100 miles an hour, even when I'm crashing and can barely keep my eyes open, my brain is still ticking away. Most of the time I don't have a problem with this, I'm super creative, brimming with ideas and tons of passion, I love the way my mind works, its intricacies and quirks, and I'm super grateful for it. Without my mind I wouldn't have created Hales Golfwear or written children's books or screenplays, I wouldn't have traveled the world, I wouldn't have done a lot of the amazing things I've done.

Golfers Use Acupuncture to Treat Golfers and Tennis Elbow

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I’m definitely getting better at seeking out quality me-time (my adventures delving into the Scandinavian Hygge philosophy coming soon!) I’m also making sure my health comes first, eating clean and listening to my body and its needs.

The acupuncture pins themselves are tiny, and it actually doesn't hurt when they go in. My acupuncturist first swabbed the area and gave the pin a little tap, and voila it was in. It was strange to look down at my body and see twenty odd pins sticking out of it, it was however immediately relaxing, not what I was expecting at all. He tapped several pins into the crown of my head, some more in either wrist and a few went to my inside ankles.

Traditional acupuncture is thought to work with the body's own energy meridians, that any unease or illness is a symptom of a energetic blockage where the energy is not flowing freely along these lines, and can then cause imbalances. 

Celebrity acupuncture and Chinese Medicine enthusiasts include Jennifer Lopez who has used it for weight loss, US swimmer Michael Phelps has it to help boost his atheletic performance, Gwyneth Paltrow uses it to improve mental clarity and gain higher consciousness.

I fell asleep during my treatment. When I left I felt relaxed, content and calm. It felt wonderful. Am I sleeping better? Yes. Do I still over think? Yes. But I’m also able to let it go a little more easily now too. Is that due to the acupuncture? Maybe. Will I go back? Definitely. 

Find your acupuncturist here The British Acupuncture Council. 

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

From London to Paris

Over the last few weeks the Fashion Capitals of the world have been busy showcasing their designer's collections, for us to ooh and aah over, to inspire and influence the seasons trends, and to have us coveting that 'in thing' that we simply must have.

London. New York. Paris. Milan.

Watching the super chic catwalk shows, you would never guess of the creative chaos that takes place back stage, designers in a fantastic frenzy, cutting and altering, sewing right up to the last minute, models racing through make-up and hair, backstage is a mass of movement, and then as the models prepare to exit... a calm serenity takes over, all you see is what they want you to see.... utter perfection. 

Each fashion capital has something to offer. Some designers nod towards the theatrical and dramatic avant garde, their work more like pieces of art, and not necessarily all that comfortable to wear. London produces innovative and forward thinking design. Paris? Glamour and grandeur. New York has sophisticated cool all wrapped up.The Italian runways always ooze splendour and style.

Here's my selection of the very best and instantly wearable looks from the Spring Summer 2017 shows. With all the trends you need to know now!

*All about the SHOULDERS* Show them off with these sleek, slim silhouttes favoured by Balmain, Mulger, Roland Mouret and Philip Lim.

Balmain Paris Fashion Week Fashion Blogger London Blogger

*Lavish TEXTURE* was the name of the game, with designers using velvet, lace, embroidery, animal print and satin. Some designers chose to throw everything together like at DSquared 2. Nina Ricci let their vibrant hues of fuchsia and plum set the tone.

*BELT UP* There was an emphasis on the waist at many of the shows, with models wearing corsets, bows, straps, ties and cinched in belts to accentuate and define their shape at Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Proenza Schouler.


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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Feeling the LOVE in Slovenia

When it comes to my travel the quote 'Leave No Stone Unturned' springs to mind. That's how travel should be, from exploring the furthest corners of the earth, to discovering hidden treasures on your doorstep, taking in a deep breath of the new and undiscovered is like waking up to a sunny day every day, it never gets old.

And so it was with Slovenia. 
The first time I came for love. Now I return again and again.  As I have come to love not only the man but his country as well.
Lake Bled Slovenia Travel Love Inspiration
I HEART Lake Bled (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)

Slovenia captures your heart, it takes your breath away with its majestic beauty. One visit is never enough, there's far too much to see, to experience, to indulge. It's a haven for creative types, artists, writers, poets, painters, the vast mountainesque landscape gets my creative juices going and has so far inspired a children's book and a food project (coming soon).

Slovenia is a marvel, its charm lies in its unspoilt beauty. Its capital city Ljubljana* lies at the centre of a myriad of rivers, with its candy colored architecture and cobbled streets, its bustling cafe culture and warm hospitality. 

Ljubljana Slovenia Capital City Architecture Europe Culture Travel
Capital City of Ljubljana (Photo Credit: Alenka Zupanc)

Slovenia is like a 'Sleeping Beauty' rising after 100 years of sleep, the world is only now becoming aware of this gem and all it has to offer. The clean clear waters of Lake Bohinj lie 532 metres above sea level, where the air is fresh and sweet, you can rent an apartment by the lake, or pitch a tent and go 'native'. The 'has to be seen to be believed' turquoise Soca river. Dense woodland and forests cover much of the land, did I mention you can rent a treehouse in the woods, that's a must for my next trip, such stuff is  of fairytales...
Lake Bohinj Slovenia Travel Beauty Inspire Creative Art Model Serene
Beautiful Lake Bohinj (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)
Lake Bled Slovenia Travel Beauty Photography Adventure Explore Europe
Through The Looking Glass... Fairytale Beauty of Lake Bled (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)

The open and vast terrain demands that you slow down and savor the moment in Slovenia, there is no need to rush here, there's a natural ebb and flow that you will fall into if you let yourself go.

Slovenians know how to live. The rest of us could learn a thing or two. Life should be cherished, it's connections that matter, enjoying a coffee with friends, hiking in the mountains with family. Appreciating the beauty, in the world and in each other. 

Celje Slovenia Travel Golf Blog Photography Adventure Explore Europe Hales Golfwear
Golfing With 'The Family' in Celje (Photo Credit: Alenka Zupanc)

I often struggle with the work/life balance. I work too much, and when I'm not working I think and stress about the work I'm not doing. Since starting my golf fashion label Hales Golfwear I have been working non-stop, my friends have barely seen me (sorry friends) except on my business Instagram or Twitter pages, I'm often indoors, stuck behind my computer screen. 

This may produce good work but it doesn't inspire, it doesn't enrich, to do that you have to go out into the world, and sometimes, leave your laptop behind.

Going out more often #GOMO whether it's enjoying time with friends at your local cafe or unearthing beautiful destinations around the world, life can't be lived from your sofa, and it can't be all about work, you have to get up and go out and play.

And right now my favourite place to do that is Slovenia.

Slovenia Travel Blog Photography Adventure Explore Hales Golfwear
Feeling the Love in Slovenia - Lake Bled (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)

Lake Bled Love Blog Slovenia Travel Explore Beauty Hales Golfwear
Appreciating the Beauty! #GOMO (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)

Where have you travelled to this summer? Are you Going Out More Often #GOMO and appreciating the beauty all around you? If you're planning an event be sure to check out Eventbrite for all your event service needs. 

Till next time xx 

*Ljubljana won Green Capital of the Year 2016

Friday, 16 September 2016

Avo Addict

Avocado. What’s not to love?

Creamy, healthy, delicious, the ultimate all rounder, great in salads, smoothies, on toast, the options are limitless. Avocado is the new super-food du jour. 128 million avocados were sold this past year in the UK alone, there are over 4 million ‘avocado’ posts on Instagram, with a whopping 195 thousand people hashtagging #avocadotoast

Yep, clearly we are a bunch of avocado-addicts! 

My latest Avo Inspiration! Avocado with Seeds, Berries and Honey (recipe below)
Avocado not only tastes good it's also super nutritious too, so it's no wonder we're all stocking up on this fabulous fruit. It's packed full of vitamin C, energy boosting B vitamins and healthy fats. 

I love adding avocado to my morning smoothie, it’s great with banana and strawberries or with spinach and beetroot. I also love it with salmon, I simply can’t get enough of it, it’s my go-to-comfort food, try it with bacon, if you haven’t had a bacon, chicken and avocado sandwich then you must!

If you’re on the go, then try cutting one open, de-seed, sprinkle a little sea salt and voila you’ve got a delicious gluten free treat, or post-work-out snack.

Avocado with seeds and berries
1 Avocado
Handful of Sunflower Seeds (you can substitute pumpkin or sesame)
½ Cup Blueberries
1 tsp Honey

Cut the avocado in half, take out the seed and slice. Sprinkle with seeds. Add the blueberries. Drizzle over the honey. Eat immediately as it’s far too yummy to wait!

How do you like yours?

Let me know by commenting below. I love to get new avocado inspiration ideas!

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I’m passionate about living a healthy, happy and active lifestyle, I want to explore the world, follow my dreams and make them happen! I’m the designer and CEO of Hales Golfwear, a British Sportswear Brand for Women. 16 months ago it was an idea. Now it’s a reality. Find my latest collection here

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Beauty Fit

Make-Up in the Gym? Yay or Nay?

I’m all for looking glam and being ready for any gymfie (gym-selfie) opportunity, but make-up in the gym? It’s a no go for me.

Today our world is saturated with make-up overload; contouring, strobing and perfect make-up video tutorials dominate and influence our concept of beauty. When celebrities dare to go bare-faced they are vilified by the press and public. Peer pressure is no joke. In this age where everyone is so make-up conscious is it ever OK to go make-up free and au naturel?

Is it OK to wear make-up in sport?

For me it’s a no brainer, when I work out I sweat, any make-up would just slide off my face. When we get hot and sweaty our pores enlarge, so if your skin is covered in foundation and powder, that’s what your pores are going to breathe in, which can’t be good for your skin. You’re likely to get a breakout….

I used to have really bad skin as a teenager and into my early twenties, I used make-up to cover the scarring, to give me more confidence, so I didn't feel like everywhere I went people were staring at my skin in horror, they weren't of course but sometimes it definitely felt that way. My dermatologist advised that I go make-up free as often as I could, as this would help my skin to heal faster. 

However I do wear lip-gloss when I work out. I wear lip-gloss pretty much everywhere I go; it would feel strange without it. But I draw the line at putting a whole face on (foundation, concealer, eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara) when I hit the weights.

The act of applying make-up has been described as putting on war-paint, many women need it to feel confident, for others it’s an assertive boost, an act of femininity. British athlete and 'Fastest Woman in the UK' Dina Asher-Smith sees it as part of her ritual. In an interview with Stylist Magazine she said “When I do my make-up on race day, I like everything to be exactly right. Foundation, powder, blusher, eye shadow, mascara, eyebrows, eyeliner, primer, everything has to be flawless. Make-up helps me get prepared and I think a lot of us sprint girls find that. With our sport, everything is about confidence and showmanship. A huge part of it is believing in yourself and believing that you can go out and do a good job. Make-up in that way feels like armour. I feel fierce and in control.”

Some see their sport as their job, and they'd wear make-up to the office so why not to the track? Team USA came under a lot of fire recently when female athletes wore winged eyeliner and red lipstick during the Olympics, many thought it was unnecessary, there was even a whole FOX news report on the subject.

It seems the jury’s out on whether make-up is appropriate in sport or not, the dermatologists would tell you that it’s not good for your skin, the athletes would say they need it to boost their confidence and to be ready for their TV close-up.

I do believe that in sport, clean, healthy skin looks far better than make-up, but that’s just my opinion. After all, if you’re wearing make-up how will you ever get to see that post-workout glow? And that is beautiful.

I’d love to hear what you think, do you wear make-up to the gym? (Please comment below)

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I’m passionate about living a healthy, happy and active lifestyle, I want to explore the world, follow my dreams and make them happen! I’m the designer and CEO of Hales Golfwear, a British Sportswear Brand for Women. 16 months ago it was an idea. Now it’s a reality. Find my latest collection here

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Golf Gold

There's a real buzz about golf at the moment, especially after the Olympic success in Rio, Brazil.

Discover our Summer Golf Collection here

I tuned in with excitement, after all this was history in the making, and not just for the cracking game of golf that the girls played, no this was the first time that golf had been played as an Olympic sport since 1900. I imagine a lot has changed since then in golf, most definitely the fashion! (thank god)

60 female players from around the world teed off in style, all competing for that golden chance to win a medal for their country. The pressure was on, the temperature rose as tee shots were hit across the green. It made for some fantastic TV viewing. 

Olympic Golf Women's Tournament, Rio Brazil 2016

The game of golf has long been dominated by men, women golfers have been excluded from male-only clubs and they don’t get the same amount of media coverage as male golfers. 

Women golfers are taking up the sport in their droves and it's easy to see why, it’s the perfect exercise (walking for 4-5 hours, hitting golfballs) it's pro-social, it's competitive, inclusive and also great for networking. (for more health benefits to taking up golf see Grab Your Golf Clubs and Go)

Female participation is soaring across Europe, with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands seeing women players increase exponentially. In fact the women's game is growing faster than the men's! 

Yep WE are growing the game. Don’t we need a little more recognition for that?

Golf has this image of being for old fuddy-duddy types, well that’s just not the case anymore, look at some of the top female players, Lydia Ko (New Zealand), Lexi Thompson (USA) and Charley Hull (UK), they're giving the sport a new and fresh young feel with their energy and vitality.

View our Summer Golf Fashion Collection here

I saw a gap in the market for women golfers, I was unhappy with what was being offered to me, it was either too short or too revealing or too dull and boring, so I decided to create women's golfwear that was stylish, vibrant and fashion forward (See our summer collection here clothing that is ageless, our customers range from 25 to 65!! We also provide sizes 8 -16, and we can custom fit designs to your specifications.

Women’s golf is rocking right now, we have some of the youngest, talented and inspiring female golfers in the world playing the game. There hasn’t been a better time to enjoy a round of golf, and now that it's back in the Olympics, I'm certain that will only have a positive impact driving more new players to take up golf!

Huge congrats to Inbee Park for a fabulous game, you're well deserving of that golf gold!

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Summer Style 5.0

It's finally summer and we are loving it! If you're in the UK or Northern Europe you'll know it's been a long while coming, we've had months of rain and bleak skies but now we can finally lock away our raincoats (but perhaps keep an umbrella handy - this is UK after all, famous for unpredictable weather) and pull out the strappy sandals!

Here are my essential tips for effortless Summer Style...

1. Confidence is Sexy

Nothing looks better on you than confidence. No point having a killer figure if you're not confident about it, droopy shoulders and bad posture never looked good on anyone. Confidence hides any imperfections you may have too. So strut your stuff no matter what your size, race, gender or age, life's too short!

2. Fringe Benefits

This major trend returns every summer so you shouldn't be surprised to see it on t-shirts, dresses, bags and boots. Its a festival staple and should be in every Fashionistas wardrobe.

Sun, Sea & Hales Golfwear Tote! (Photo: Sabina Preloznik)

3. Be Bold

A Bold Statement Top is a must-have piece for summer. Keep it simple, keep it classy. Wear with paired down accessories to generate more wow factor. Hot.

Zip-Back Polo in Fuchsia, Hales Golfwear Summer Collection 2016

4. Sportsluxe

Everyone's at it. Stella McCartney. Chloe. You've probably seen it on the high street too. Sports inspired fashion popping up all over the place. I'm loving Chloe's over sized tracksuit bottoms, so perfect for lounging around at the weekend or teamed with a pair of heels for a killer sporty twist.

5. Colour Me Happy

Fuchsia, Coral, Turquoise, this seasons palette at Hales Golfwear is vibrant, fun, and looks fantastic with a tan. Pack away your winter neutrals and get colourful!

You can shop all looks featured here at

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fun At The Fair

Today I'm at The London Textile Fair, the biggest textile event in town! I'm here to get fabric inspiration for our next collection, meet fabric suppliers from all across the world and have some fun!

The London Textile Fair is the UK’s premier platform for fashion fabrics and clothing accessories, it provides fabric and textile manufacturers and their agents with the opportunity to showcase their products to the most influential buyers and designers on the UK fashion scene. AKA - me ;)

I love fabric stores, for me they're akin to being set loose in a candy store, with every variety of tantalising sweet confection on display. Imagine having over 100,000 sq feet of that!

My eyes feast on colorful jerseys and jacquards from Turkey and Portugal, I can wrap myself in sumptuous knits from Italy, I can touch, feel, smell and try as much as I like. For free. You don't get that in a candy store. 

Now not every fabric store is like this, I've visited some dire ones, where the rolls of fabric hang limply on dust covered shelves and attempting to find anything you want is like attempting an assault course at an advanced level, yep you gotta climb, crawl and bend your way to get that satin trim you so badly need.

The London Textile Fair isn't like that. Thank god. No it's a orderly, neat, huge affair, where you can network and mingle and have coffee while you peruse the latest and trendiest fabrics on offer. You might bump into Stella McCartney while you're there, or the Head Buyer at Topshop. Everyone who's anyone goes. 

I'm really excited as I've found something special, it feels divine aganist my skin and has me all goose bumpy thinking about what I'll get to design from it. I also fall in love with a super soft stretchy knit, perfect for the coming winter months, I'm looking forward to seeing that on my customers for sure.

Fab. Fab. Fab!

Next we shimmy off to effortlessly cool and super urbanite Hackney. Paloma Faith has a home here, Leona Lewis grew up here, Lord Alan Sugar, Michael Fassbender, they've all called Hackney their home.

We are here to check out the new MORITO. I am practically drooling with high expectations. But I'll leave that for my next post! 

Have a fab weekend!!