Paradiso en Portugal


Probably one of my favourite places to visit in winter.

I'm a winter baby, born at the beginning of January and just after the festivities cease and the end of year passes, I usually find myself craving some sunshine.

Portugal's endless sandy beaches

I LOVE the sun.

It gives warmth, light and creates happy vibes, haven't you noticed how everyone's in a good mood when the sun shines.

So feeling the need for a Vitamin D boost, I booked a last-minute flight to Faro and headed to the Algarve for some sun, sea and spa.

Indulging in a little 'me-time' at
Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa 

Portugal has something for everyone, whether you're sporty (golf courses abound in the Algarve) or not. Whether you prefer the fast pace or something a little slower, and don't get me started on the food and wine, Portugal is a foodie lovers dream - read my post on the delicious dishes of Portugal here.

Portugal's Seafood Cataplana

I've been visiting the south of Portugal in winter for a while now, and it never disappoints. Waking up each morning to the most gorgeous light and bright blue skies, never gets boring.

I find myself drawn to the quiet, vast and sandy landscapes. And in that quietness, I've realised something about myself.

So much good stuff happened last year that I am truly thankful for, I am lucky to be surrounded by love, and I to get to do what I love, I am grateful for that.

What I realised is this.

I spend too much time worrying, overthinking and analysing EVERYTHING.

Even when I'm happy I'm worrying about losing that happiness instead of enjoying the moment. This needs to change.

There is power in the here and now.

The ability to be content in the moment, no matter what is happening, whether the sun is shining on me or whether darker clouds are imminent. Life isn't an easy ride at all times, shit happens and you have to sail with it or you sink.

This is something I will be consciously working on to improve in 2018. To enjoy each moment, as every moment lasts for such a short time, and each moment is precious. Perhaps you will join me in this endeavour, I hope you will.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Beautifully written. Enjoy every moment and worry just a little. Želim ti vso srečo in ljubezen.


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