Why I Love This Game

We've met some awesome women golfers, women of different ages, races, backgrounds and handicaps, these women all have one thing in common, their love for golf!  

We love hearing why and how women get into golf. One woman we met was introduced to her future husband by her golfing Grandma at her local golf course. Her Grandma still plays and she's 81 years old! The reasons why women get into golf are many, they stay for their love of the game and what it brings to their lives.

We wanted to share their stories with you, so we reached out and asked them if we could. This is a collage of videos made by women golfers, it's raw, simply edited and real. It's honest. 

Why I Love This Game by Hales Golfwear from Tanya Hales on Vimeo.

Meet the girls!


Tjasa, 26, has won the national golf championship in Slovenia 3 times. She loves the game, and met her husband whilst playing! Some of her best friends are also golfers, for Tjasa the sport holds a special place in her heart and she encourages young women to get into the game. For Tjasa, it gave her independence and confidence. She thrives on the challenging sport.

Me and Tjasa at Celje Golf Range, Slovenia


Jean, 63, started playing after taking early retirement from work 15 years ago. Since then she has won over 20 trophies and medals for Longest Drive, Nearest The Pin and Best Player. Her handicap is 22. She regularly travels around the world to play the game, making friends and playing partners everywhere she goes, Spain, Portugal, Arizona, Los Angeles, Lanzarote, this woman is competitive and enjoys winning, its also great exercise and the 4-5 hours spent on the green helps to keep her fit and looking amazing. (You would never guess her age!)

Jean McKenzie playing in Hales Golfwear


Zoey is 13 years old and has been playing for 4 years. She's a Junior Golf Tournament Player and building quite a stash of trophies from all her wins! Her handicap is 6.3. She got into the game so she could beat her dad and fell in love with the sport. Zoey inspires young girls to start playing. She also plays off the men's tees. (I love that!) You can follow her journey here @zoeyiglesiasgolf

Zoey Iglesias Junior Golf Player


Sagee is preparing to go Pro. With a handicap of 7, and a love of the game that clearly shows, this girl never stops smiling! Sagee has been playing for 11 years, winning herself a scholarship to Sacramento State University in the US. She recently took part in a charity golf tournament for Veterans Day with Women With Drive, a golf community for women, helping to inspire and grow the game. You can follow her jouney here @gmoneygolf

Sagee Palavivatana

Golf really is for everyone, whether you're 10 years old or 70! Your background, race or ability doesn't matter, what matters is your love of the game and that's why we love it!

We want Women Golfers Everywhere to get involved! 

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