Feeling the LOVE in Slovenia

When it comes to my travel the quote 'Leave No Stone Unturned' springs to mind. That's how travel should be, from exploring the furthest corners of the earth, to discovering hidden treasures on your doorstep, taking in a deep breath of the new and undiscovered is like waking up to a sunny day every day, it never gets old.

And so it was with Slovenia. 
The first time I came for love. Now I return again and again.  As I have come to love not only the man but his country as well.
Lake Bled Slovenia Travel Love Inspiration
I HEART Lake Bled (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)

Slovenia captures your heart, it takes your breath away with its majestic beauty. One visit is never enough, there's far too much to see, to experience, to indulge. It's a haven for creative types, artists, writers, poets, painters, the vast mountainesque landscape gets my creative juices going and has so far inspired a children's book and a food project (coming soon).

Slovenia is a marvel, its charm lies in its unspoilt beauty. Its capital city Ljubljana* lies at the centre of a myriad of rivers, with its candy colored architecture and cobbled streets, its bustling cafe culture and warm hospitality. 

Ljubljana Slovenia Capital City Architecture Europe Culture Travel
Capital City of Ljubljana (Photo Credit: Alenka Zupanc)

Slovenia is like a 'Sleeping Beauty' rising after 100 years of sleep, the world is only now becoming aware of this gem and all it has to offer. The clean clear waters of Lake Bohinj lie 532 metres above sea level, where the air is fresh and sweet, you can rent an apartment by the lake, or pitch a tent and go 'native'. The 'has to be seen to be believed' turquoise Soca river. Dense woodland and forests cover much of the land, did I mention you can rent a treehouse in the woods, that's a must for my next trip, such stuff is  of fairytales...
Lake Bohinj Slovenia Travel Beauty Inspire Creative Art Model Serene
Beautiful Lake Bohinj (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)
Lake Bled Slovenia Travel Beauty Photography Adventure Explore Europe
Through The Looking Glass... Fairytale Beauty of Lake Bled (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)

The open and vast terrain demands that you slow down and savor the moment in Slovenia, there is no need to rush here, there's a natural ebb and flow that you will fall into if you let yourself go.

Slovenians know how to live. The rest of us could learn a thing or two. Life should be cherished, it's connections that matter, enjoying a coffee with friends, hiking in the mountains with family. Appreciating the beauty, in the world and in each other. 

Celje Slovenia Travel Golf Blog Photography Adventure Explore Europe Hales Golfwear
Golfing With 'The Family' in Celje (Photo Credit: Alenka Zupanc)

I often struggle with the work/life balance. I work too much, and when I'm not working I think and stress about the work I'm not doing. Since starting my golf fashion label Hales Golfwear I have been working non-stop, my friends have barely seen me (sorry friends) except on my business Instagram or Twitter pages, I'm often indoors, stuck behind my computer screen. 

This may produce good work but it doesn't inspire, it doesn't enrich, to do that you have to go out into the world, and sometimes, leave your laptop behind.

Going out more often #GOMO whether it's enjoying time with friends at your local cafe or unearthing beautiful destinations around the world, life can't be lived from your sofa, and it can't be all about work, you have to get up and go out and play.

And right now my favourite place to do that is Slovenia.

Slovenia Travel Blog Photography Adventure Explore Hales Golfwear
Feeling the Love in Slovenia - Lake Bled (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)

Lake Bled Love Blog Slovenia Travel Explore Beauty Hales Golfwear
Appreciating the Beauty! #GOMO (Photo Credit: Mitja Zupanc)

Where have you travelled to this summer? Are you Going Out More Often #GOMO and appreciating the beauty all around you? If you're planning an event be sure to check out Eventbrite for all your event service needs. 

Till next time xx 

*Ljubljana won Green Capital of the Year 2016


  1. Your story of love is truly inspiring, Slovenia looks like an incredible place to visit! The way you described it and the pictures you posted really made me feel like I was right there next to you, and I couldn't agree more with what you said about a work/life balance. I feel like I'm always busy too, but I'm so happy I have people like you I can read about to inspire me when I feel like I'm having a long day. Thanks for mentioning us! :-)


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