We went to Hackney's Morito over the weekend. We were celebrating. Life, love & following your passion. Without that you have nothing.

Morito is a openly wild affair, buzzing with loud chatter. There's no soft music playing in the background here, just happy excited voices exclaiming how good the food is. And it's true. It really is.

It's the kind of food that makes you wanna spend hours grazing, the kind of food that makes you wear your loose fitting jeans so you have more room, the kind of delicious, mouthwatering food that brings a smile to your face, and joy to your stomach.

Morito is a foodie haven. Serving North African/Spanish-influenced cuisine. It's impossible to order everything on the menu (even though you really really want to) which propels you to visit over and over again.

Every delectable dish is a chefs masterpiece in culinary delight. And #glutenfree foodies needn't be put off, our waiter happily pointed out what was gluten free for us, there's also a wealth of choice for veggie lovers too.

We had the duck with chicory & picos de europa, topped with a sublimely sweet rasin dressing. Grilled squid with courgettes, mint and marcona almonds, were refreshingly zesty. Oh and the Padron Peppers, beautuful salty bursts of sunshine. The fried aubergines in date molasses with whipped feta were seriously morish! Charcoal-grilled lamp chops in paprika and anchovy butter were salty, sour with a fiery kick at the end. Quite incredible.

We finished it off with signature cocktails, pomegranate infused gin with lime sugar syrup and lots of crushed ice. By the time we left we were in a happy food-coma. Morito, we will be back. Soon!

Morito 195 Hackney Road E2

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