I Like it Black with Agave

Coffee is a drug. No doubt about it. A very legal drug. I used to hate coffee in my twenties. The smell, the taste, the coffee breath, ugh no thankyou. Then a few weeks ago I was at Borough Market with the bf and we decided to buy some Colombian coffee for my mum, or was it Venezuelan? Hmm. Ok anyway, the barista informed us that this coffee was super special with a rich body and a citrus finish. Sold.

Minimalism at its best from MatchesFashion.com

My mum was delighted and made a pot to try it out. The aroma was nothing short of tantalizing. I ventured into the kitchen, following my nose.

"Want to try some?'


The word jumped out of my mouth before I had time to think. Hang on a second. I don't like coffee.

My mum gave me a delicate Egyptian style cup equal to roughly a shot of the stuff. Black. With a teaspoon of agave.
I sipped it hesitantly. Hmm. Not bad. I downed it and asked for another. This stuff was damn good.

Within an hour I was my most bubbly self (generally I'm reserved especially with people I don't know) I was getting design ideas, lots of them, answers to questions that had plagued me for weeks, having amazing conversations with magazine editors about Hales Golfwear, (lots of exciting stuff to come, so stay tuned) discussing world affairs, my brain must have been lit up like a Christmas tree cause I was on fire! 

Borough Market Illustration by Melda Gunaydin

Wow. Was this why billions of people drank coffee? Did they all experience this high? I was like that hot guy in Limitless, my brain had been activated. All of it. Amazing. If so then surely I was at a disadvantage if the rest of the world was drinking this liquid fuel and operating on full capacity and if I wasn't then could I truly compete? 

Or would it be like other drugs, the more you take the more your body gets accustomed to it and the more you need to have the same effect. You can never repeat your first high. Did I want to become a coffee addict guzzling cup after cup every day?

Not really. I don't like anything having power over me. So no I won't be buying a french press or stocking up on flavored syrups anytime soon. Coffee for me will remain a seldom-had treat. I will respect its power and dabble only occasionally...... was that a kettle I heard boiling? Ahem.

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