Grab your golf clubs and go!

Playing golf is a fantastic way to keep fit. 

It takes roughly 4 hours to play an 18 hole round of golf, walking an average of five miles across varied terrain. Each swing works your arms, shoulders and core, and carrying your clubs adds an extra calorific burn. 

Instagram: Michelle Wie

Golf doesn't have to be expensive. If you can't afford the membership fees then try a public golf course, with a pay-and-play scheme, or your local driving range.

Don't know how to play and afraid of looking like an idiot? 

Why not join a group beginner course at your local club, share a giggle or two with friends as you learn to play in a relaxed and fun environment. provide a great resource, simply enter your location and golf clubs within a 10 mile radius will pop up. Sessions with PGA professionals can be booked and all equipment is provided.

Been playing for a while but want to up your game? 
In order to play well and consistently you need stamina, strength and skill. Pro golfer Lexi Thompson uses boxing to help her get in the zone and build strength. Michelle Wie loves to go swimming and Lydia Ko works on her core strength.

If you're not familiar with the LPGA then you might not know who Lydia Ko is (hard to believe). New Zealander Lydia is golfs hottest player right now. She won her first LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) tournament aged 15, then went on to become number one in women's professional golf at 17. She's been on Time's list of 'Most Influential Teenagers in the World' for two years in a row.

Yep, she's kicking ass on the golf course.

Instagram: Lydia Ko

Lydia credits her golf coaches, physio therapists and fitness trainers for her stratospheric rise to the top, unfortunately not all of us can afford our own personal trainers, so here's the next best thing!

Lydia's fitness coach Trevor Anderson shares some key core strengthening exercises on the video below. You can use these techniques too!

There are so many great benefits to a game of golf, it's fun, gets you fit, you can socialize and network, be part of a community and according to Swedish medical university Karolinska Institute, golf can increase life expectancy.

So get to your nearest golf course asap!

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