''How are you going to compete with Nike, Adidas and those other big guys?"

This was asked of me by a graphic designer who had applied for a job I’d advertised to design my logo. Hmmm. No pressure huh?

Well. How does a start-up Golf Apparel label compete with the big guys?

Nike, Adidas, Callaway, Ping, all these labels are doing a pretty good job with their golf brands, selling online and in stores worldwide, they have a loyal following of fans, customers and devotees. I’m pretty sure you could go to the remotest region on the planet and they would know the Nike symbol.

Nike Golf
Take a look at the golf high tops Nike designed for LPGA player Michelle Wie. This sparked outrage amongst some players, who felt that a high top shoe belonged on the basketball court not on the golf course.

I for one was all for it. Bright pink high tops with a leopard print finish. Fantastic. And judging by the Instagram/Twitter response I wasn’t the only one loving it.

@themichellewie @lledyy223 “So sick. Do I have to play golf to wear them?” 

Nike Golf S/S 16

I just wish Nike would take those same risks with their clothing line, and jazz it up a bit. They play it too safe in terms of design and colour.

A fellow entrepreneur reminded me, ‘don’t compete or compare yourself to a company that’s been trading for a gazillion years, that has millions to spend on advertising, promotion and social media, because if you do you are bound to fail, and you’re also bound to feel pretty crappy too.’

Yep. Been there, done that.

The truth is, I’m not trying to compete with the big guys, I’m offering an alternative, I’m creating a sportswear label that gives you fashion forward, performance ready clothing, in flattering styles and vibrant colors, using luxury fabrics made in the UK.

Hales Golf Wear S/S 16

We put a lot of love into what we do, from sketch to completed garment, using only the very best and highly skilled pattern cutters and manufacturers. Because we love what we create, we use honest production, we know who makes our clothes by name :) and where they make them.

Hales Golf Wear want you to play your best game, and we know that how you look can play a huge part in increasing confidence and personal presence on the golf course.

Our pleated skort, a skirt with attached shorts underneath, which means you can bend, swing, sway and never give away any embarrassing underwear flashes. It also has pockets, perfect for holding your scorecard or lipstick.  

We’ve used a super soft fabric that feels light against the skin, to help keep you cool in the summer months. The polo shirt features an open back design, both stylish and innovative in the golf fashion world.

We would love to hear your comments, feel free to share and help spread the word! We will only succeed through your generosity. Thank you.



  1. You are absolutely right! It’s always fun to wear jazzed up workout and sports clothing. Few days ago, got a pair of printed work out leggings for my workout sessions and must tell you that they look superb and comfortable.

  2. Exactly Gianna Blake! I hope your fun new leggings inspire you to workout more often :)

  3. Your line is fantastic! And yes being an independent,in almost any field is ultra-challenging. Particularly when you're competing with large, well-funded, well-established corporations.

    This is especially true when the focus is golf apparel or golf equipment... or golf writing for that matter... as the golf market, your client base, is quite narrow. And when it's women's golf, well that's a true hyper-niche.

    As you point out however, the big guys are generally not too great when it comes to serving niche markets... they tend to see them as a miniscule part of their overall business and consequentially don't tend to invest much creative energy in them, which at least levels the playing field where the actual product is concerned. One simply doesn't find unique,innovative design, like yours at Nike or Adidas, Callaway and the like, only very standard design with very little variation.

    I think the real challenge for an independent company competing with the giants is the size of their marketing budget... they have the funds to promote their brand on such a massive scale that they become the go-to source, even when their product is ...boring. And in the case of women's golf there are SO few publishers targeting the market. The major golf media companies pay very little attention to women (unless they happen to be sexy WAGs, haha) and the small independent publishers have trouble consistantly producing quality content and distributing effectively. It's quite the vicious circle.

    I have some ideas on the topic will write to you. It would be great to see excellent, innovative exciting golf fashion get more exposure. BTW love you blog too.


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